Racing Cab Project





RacerMAME is a command line M.A.M.E. derivate work for use with  your Arcade Racing Cabinet. There are actually two different versions of RacerMAME: RacerMAME106 is based on MAME 0.106 sources and RacerMAME160 based (bet it) on MAME 0.160 sources. RacerMAME160 includes Groovymame modifications too!

If your PC processor is slower than Pentium 4 2.66 GHz, I would suggest you to use RacerMAME106, otherwise RacerMAME160 should be your choice. Even if your PC is fast enought, RacerMAME106 could still be a good choice if you wanna play some "heavier" game such as Drivin' serie and Cruisn' serie. From my personal experience the two emulators are complementary and should be both present in a good Racing cab.

RacerMAME160 Features

RacerMAME106 Features



Disclaimer: RacerMAME is 100% free. Use RacerMAME at your own risk. MAME is a trademark owned by Nicola Salmoria.